Understand your bottlenecks.
Ship faster.

Pullpo - Insights measures your team's most important metrics, lets you set goals, and provides instant feedback when a problem occurs.

Check feedback on Retro PRs!

Trusted by data-driven engineering leaders.


Step 1.
Measure and define.

Measure your team's most important metrics and set objectives to drive performance. Identify key areas for improvement and keep your team focused on what matters most.

Team code review time goal is 3 days.

Step 2.
Get instant feedback

Detect and address problems in real-time with instant feedback. Get insights from your team and uncover roadblocks that are hindering progress.

Step 3.
Analyze and prioritize.

Organize and analyze feedback with AI-powered insights to prioritize areas of improvement. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your workflow and achieve your goals.

Boost your engineering efficiency.

Start using PULLPO today.

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