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An ephemeral Slack channel for every PR, AI summaries and reviews, scheduled reminders and custom notifications.

Trusted by data-driven engineering leaders.


"We use Pullpo to improve our engineering team's peer review process for better coordination and higher code quality. The integration with Slack allows seamless communication and easy tracking of work."

Agustín Millán
Frontend lead at Peersyst

"I'm a tech lead at Exoticca, a travel tech company with more than 70 developers. We've been using Pullpo for 7 months now, especially the Slack integration for improving the code review process.

Raul Gómez
Eng. Director at Exoticca

"Pullpo is great; no pull request gets stale in our team now. I can’t imagine going back to the old way."

Xavier Gordillo
Backend developer at Silt

"Pullpo has significantly improved the way of collaborating in code review and tracking performance metrics. 🚀 The cool thing about this is that we no longer waste time looking for email threads or scattered messages on different platforms."

Francisco Javier

"We've been using Pullpo for the last few months, and it's a game changer. It has helped us a lot in keeping track of our engineering metrics, and our team has significantly improved its delivery and decreased the number of bugs. I totally recommend it."

Sergio García
CTO at Atrato
Three steps to merging FAST.

AI Summaries and reviews

So that you can focus on the important parts of the PR and not waste time on the rest.

1PR = 1 synced Slack channel

To collaborate with your team in real-time and get a fast approval.

Customizable notifications

To stay on top of your PRs but without the noise.

Achieve your goals

Tell us your team goals and let the Pullpo Bot make your team more efficient. Forget about stale pull requests, too big pull requests or unwanted practices like merging without revision.

Always up to date.

But without the noise. All notifications and reminders in Pullpo are fully customizable on Pullpo’s dashboard, so that you only receive relevant actionable alerts.

Use PULLPO even if your teammates don’t yet.

Pullpo seamlessly integrates with Git providers, facilitating collaboration even with team

members who have not yet transitioned.

Boost your engineering efficiency.

Start using PULLPO today.

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