An ephemeral Slack channel for every PR, scheduled reminders and custom notifications.

Trusted by data-driven engineering leaders.

Three steps to merging FAST.

A warzone per PR

An ephemeral channel will be created for every opened pull request with all the involved people.

Real time notifications

Get notified on every update or warning related to the PR (three days without review, PR is too big, Github actions, checks...).

All your data available

Once the PR is merged, the channel will be automatically archived and available to read in the future. All the decissions made and its reasons will be accesible.

Achieve your goals

Tell us your team goals and let the Pullpo Bot make your team more efficient. Forget about stale pull requests, too big pull requests or unwanted practices like merging without revision.

Stay alert.

Receive notifications when any change related to the PR occurs. Requested changes, mergeability checks, github actions... your team will receive any update of the branch they are involved in.

Improving efficiency in tech teams of all kind.

"Pullpo is an essential tool. We have noticed a significant improvement in coordination, speed, and code quality since implementing Pullpo. The integration of Pullpo with Slack is excellent, enabling seamless communication between our engineers."

Raúl Gómez
Tech lead at Exoticca

"We use Pullpo to improve our engineering team's peer review process for better coordination and higher code quality. The integration with Slack allows seamless communication and easy tracking of work."

Agustín Millán
Frontend lead at Peersyst
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Boost your engineering efficiency.

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