Case study

Peersyst + Pullpo

Peersyst is a blockchain company that specializes in developing decentralized applications for various industries. The company's development team has been using Pullpo to streamline their code review process and improve collaboration between team members.

"We use Pullpo to improve our engineering team's peer review process for better coordination and higher code quality. The integration with Slack allows seamless communication and easy tracking of work."

Agustín Millán
Frontend lead at Peersyst

Challenges before Pullpo.

Before implementing Pullpo, Peersyst's development team faced several challenges in their code review process.

  • Managing a large number of PRs. They used GitHub for code hosting and collaboration, but found it difficult to manage the large number of pull requests (PRs) that they received on a daily basis.
  • Challenging coordination.The team also found it challenging to coordinate between team members and ensure that everyone was aware of which PRs were being reviewed and when they were expected to be completed.
  • Sprint velocity. The team struggled with maintaining the momentum of their development projects. With a large number of PRs to review, the process could take a long time, leading to delays in merging code into the main branch. This made it difficult for the team to maintain a consistent pace of development, and led to frustration among team members..

How Pullpo helped.

Peersyst's development team implemented Pullpo to address these challenges, and the tool has had a significant impact on their code review process.

  • Managing a large number of PRs. By creating a dedicated Slack channel for each PR, the team is able to track the progress of each review in real-time. This has helped them stay organized and ensure that all PRs are reviewed and merged in a timely manner.
  • Challenging coordination.The tool's messaging capabilities have made it easier for team members to communicate and share feedback with each other. This has helped improve the quality of the code being produced, and has led to a more cohesive and effective development team.
  • Sprint velocity.By streamlining the code review process, Pullpo has enabled the team to merge PRs faster, which has helped them keep their development projects on track. The team is now able to move faster and with more confidence, knowing that their code is being reviewed thoroughly and efficiently.
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